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Read about this scientifically proven PAINSOLV device now available in South Africa on this site! Click here. During January 2010 my lovely wife Rose had a major back operation. She is using the PAINSOLV device daily for pain relief and healing. A few weeks ago our beloved Golden Retriever broke a nail in her front foot. I decided to try the PAINSOLV on her very painful toe. She could not put any weight on her foot. I was a bit skeptical because the last time this happened to her, we had to remove the toe nail and she limped for weeks. To my amazement she ran to retrieve her ball the next morning with no sign of pain!

"Need to share this with you. Our nine year old cat Shilo came home in a dreadful state yesterday afternoon - could not put his front left paw down, and it was visibly twice the size the leg should have been. I left him to sleep all afternoon, and before we went to bed last night, I took our unit up to him, and used PainSolv up and down his leg 8 times in a row on Pain mode. He was RUNNING away from our kitten this morning. There is no swelling and no limp - I was going to take him to the vet this morning, which would have cost £40 just for the consultation, then any medication on top. This could save me hundreds of pounds!!" Mrs S A, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom"

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The aim of this website is to help all pet lovers to find solutions for their pet's problems - covering everything from coping with a new puppy to dealing with the challenges facing older pets. We will also provide information about new products and technological advances in the veterinary field.

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