How the Painsolv® device works

Painsolv® works with pulsed Electromagnetic Wave Fields (PEMF)

Explaining Pulsed Electromagnetic Wave Field Therapy (PEMF)

Pulsed Electromagnetic Wave Field Therapy, which has been used in Eastern Europe for over 40 years, is a non-static therapy, unlike therapy with magnets for instance, which is static.

PEMF therapy has been used to stimulate bone repair in non-union and other fractures since the 1970s and has been approved for this therapy by the USA's FDA since 1982.

Many studies have been carried out worldwide, showing probable benefits of PEMF in aiding the healing of soft-tissue wounds, helping to suppress inflammatory responses at cell membrane level to reduce pain and increase range of motion.

Many thousands of people have used PEMF successfully across Europe and beyond for a wide range of pain related conditions.
PainSolv employs pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy (PEMF), which influences cell behaviour by inducing electrical changes around and within the cell wall membrane.

Pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy creates ionic migration of essential chemicals and proteins from cells into the bloodstream, by agitating the cell wall membranes, which subsequently encourages the release of neurochemicals, which occur naturally in the brain, into the bloodstream. These endorphins have powerful analgesic properties as do enkaphalins, an endorphin having opiate qualities, that occurs in the brain,

Pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy also helps enhance the cell utilisation process in the body which in turn stimulates improved blood circulation, blood oxygen content, cell growth and blood vessel formation.

Pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy helps stimulate macrophage and pluripotent stem cell activity to prevent infection, accelerate scab formation and wound healing which is a significant part of the healing process.

In bone fractures, affected tissues generate small electric charges which are greater than those of less stressed matter, so that osteoblasts (polarised bone-laying cells) are attracted to these areas and begin to build up extra bone material to counter the stress. Pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy encourages this process.

With bone injuries, bleeding occurs to form a haematoma in which capillaries quickly form, transporting enriched blood to the injury site. Pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy causes vasodilatation and capillary dilatation, so helping to speed up the process of bony tissue formation. Macrophages (tissue cells which give protection against infections) will be activated and therefore the immunological system may be strengthened by using PainSolv.

Within the bone itself, the pulsed electromagnetic wave fields delivered causes the induction of small eddy currents in the trace elements, which in turn purify and strengthen the crystal structures which attract bone cells to the area under treatment, which therefore accelerates the bone healing process to allow earlier mobilisation and eventual full bone union.

Ligaments and tendons that are damaged can also be treated using pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy, as they are uncalcified bone structures in themselves.

The Stress setting of PainSolv has been programmed specifically to encourage stress-related pain reduction and encourage improved sleep patterns.

Application of pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy in the region of the celiac plexus (more commonly referred to as the solar plexus) can deliver the dual benefit of relieving stress and boosting the immune system as this area of the body is rich in nerves and lymphatic vessels. The celiac plexus itself is a network of ganglia and nerves lying in front of the aorta behind the stomach, supplying the abdominal viscera. Within this area lies a further network of lymphatic vessels, the superior mesenteric lymph nodes, and the celiac lymph nodes.

Pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy works efficiently in optimising calcium transport, otherwise known as ionic migration. 

When pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy is directed towards the general cranial area at the rear of the head, the pineal gland (a small endocrine gland in the centre of the brain) may be encouraged to increase production of seratonin and melatonin, depending on which time of day the therapy is delivered. These are the body's regulators of normal relaxation and sleep patterns.

Pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy may induce relaxation and reduction of stress levels which in turn can have a positive effect on those suffering from blood pressure problems. Pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy may reduce the acidity and viscosity of the blood and consequently improve blood circulation and help regulate blood pressure. This means that high blood pressure will become lower and low blood pressure will become higher. This regulation of blood pressure takes place during the first few minutes of each therapy session.

Jet lag can prevent normal sleep patterns but pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy may help rectify the problem by balancing out the body's system to return it to its normal circadian rhythm (the body clock). When circadian rhythms (in the case of humans, the 24hr physiological process) are affected, as with jet lag, modulated seratonin or melatonin production using pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy has been shown to normalise cellular processes, encouraging the body clock to revert to its normal pattern.

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There are separate settings for Pain, Wound and Stress-related conditions, each designed to deal specifically with the physical causes rather than just symptoms. Each of these areas contains many potential treatment uses. Each of these algorithms differs in duration, intensity and/or frequency.

Constant wave low level lasers and static magnets have never been scientifically proven to penetrate the skin. But clinical research carried out for NASA proved that millisecond duration pulsed electromagnetic fields have the greatest beneficial effect on living tissues over any other energy form.

This is because pulsed electromagnetic waves pass through all types of body tissue including bone, without any refraction. The therapy also works unhindered through clothing and specialist medical dressings, including plaster casts. Studies on extremely low frequency pulsed electromagnetic wave fields have been shown to be beneficial in improving circulation, important in wound healing and encouraging fracture healing, in addition to the general amelioration of pain associated with a wide range of conditions. These lower frequencies are also encourage relaxation and encourage transport (ionic migration) of essential chemicals and proteins to damaged tissue. The cell ionisation process is further enhanced by the presence of essential fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes and oxygen in the bloodstream.

Application of this therapy is based on more than 30 years of worldwide research carried out by renowned scientists. In addition there are many years of practical experience by thousands of physicians, based on many scientific studies on the degree of effectiveness of Pulsed Electromagnetic Wave Field Therapy.
PainSolv does not contain magnets and is not magnetic therapy. Neither does the modality block pain signals to the brain as TENS machines or pain medications, which both only deliver temporary pain relief. TENS machines produce an electrical charge which permeates your skin and may eventually block the pain signals going to your brain. However, when TENS pads are removed from the skin, the pain can quickly return and even get worse in many instances. Over time, body tissues can develop resistance to TENS output requiring the settings to be increased, which in itself can cause even more discomfort than the original problem in some cases.

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