How to blog and upload pictures on a blog

This is how to write a new blog and upload pictures to it:

Simply click on 'New Entry' under 'Blog' A blank window will appear. Start writing.

If you want to post a picture go to the bottom under 'Upload picture' and click on 'Browse' A file list on your hard drive will open. Look for the picture you want to upload, and double click on it. The URL will now appear next to the 'Browse' button, click on the 'upload' button. At the top of the blog window the following legend should appear: 'name_of_picture successfully uploaded.

Now go to the second icon from the right on the bottom row of the top menu. It looks like this:ibrowser.gif

Click on this and a new window will appear with names of pictures. Look for the one you want. Click on it and then on 'save'.

Voila! Your picture will appear on your blog. If you want to change the size of your picture, click on the picture and the usual 'handles' will appear at the corners. If you left click and drag one of the corners to the centre the picture will become smaller...

Once you've fifished your blog click on 'save entry' at the bottom of the window.