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How to Use this Forum ( Restricted Access )
Instructions for those new to forums
This is where you can learn how to use our forum
31 29 Fri Apr 05 2013, 11:01AM
Pet of The Month Picture ( Restricted Access )
Pet of The Month
Please vote on the Pet of the Month picture. There will be a prize for the Pet of The Month. To vote you have to be a member of this website. Click
8 93 Thu Mar 21 2013, 04:55AM
PAINSOLV the answer to pain and quick healing of wounds ( Restricted Access )
How the PAINSOLV device works
The science behind the Painsolv pulsed electromagnetic device.
2 1 Tue May 01 2012, 10:01PM
Testimonials from users
Read what users of the PAINSOLV device have to say about it!
1 1 Thu May 12 2016, 08:16AM
Crystal Shannon- Pet Portrait Artist ( Restricted Access )
Post good digital photos (preferably more than one) of your pets here
This is a service to members only. Start a new thread and upload some pictures of your pets. Tell us their names and characteristics and quirks. To make things really easy for you, you can simply go to the shop and click on Crystal Shannon Portraits and pay the amount of R799. Any portrait painted for you and displayed on this forum will be included in our PET-OF-THE-MONTH competition!
15 51 Sun Apr 07 2013, 09:28AM
CAPTION CONTESTS ( Restricted Access )
Caption contest Number 1
This is the first of our caption contests You can either post your caption here or on facebook
3 7 Mon Jul 18 2011, 03:47PM
General Chat ( Restricted Access )
Have your say!
Pet chat - introduce yourself, tell us about your pets, have a rant, give a compliment ... whatever it is, get it off your chest!
15 33 Mon Feb 15 2016, 08:07AM
Nutrition ( Restricted Access )
Feline nutrition
Feline nutrition
0 0 -
Canine Nutrition
Here we discuss the best way to feed your puppy, adult dog or senior dog citizen
1 1 Wed Mar 20 2013, 09:53AM
My Newsletters ( Restricted Access )
The Case of the Resistant fleas
Story about a small dog carried away by fleas and how we solved the problem
2 0 Wed May 09 2012, 10:27PM
The Case of the Limping Fat Labrador
Obesity and knee problems often go hand -in-hand.
1 0 Mon Mar 22 2010, 05:16PM
The Case of the "Naughty" Pup
How one puppy drove his owner and the vet nearly crazy!
1 0 Mon Mar 22 2010, 09:39PM
The Case of the Disappearing Cat
A story of a cat escaping from his home after his owners moved to a new house
1 0 Thu Mar 25 2010, 06:01PM
The NILIF system of training dogs, children and humans
In this first of two newsletters I describe how to use the NILIF system of training dogs (and children!)
2 0 Mon Apr 19 2010, 02:04PM
Newsletter No 9
This is the tenth newsletter in a series written by Dr Gerry Retief
1 0 Mon Apr 26 2010, 06:23PM
The Case of the Cat with a Drinking Problem
This is the 9th in a series of newsletters I send out to subscribers
1 1 Mon Feb 22 2016, 10:46AM
The Sad Case of Cleo or How to cope with Grief and Mourning
1 2 Wed Mar 16 2016, 08:22AM
Newsletter No 1 The Case of The Piddling Pup
Story about the trials and challenges of keeping a new puppy from piddling all over the kitchen floor.
1 1 Thu Mar 11 2010, 08:47PM
The Case of the very Sad Old Lady and her Beloved Dog
1 0 Thu Mar 04 2010, 09:37PM
Behaviour Problems ( Restricted Access )
Canine Behaviour Problems
When your dog needs a shrink
3 6 Sun Apr 18 2010, 03:22PM
Feline Behaviour Problems
When your cat needs a shrink
6 23 Mon Mar 04 2013, 09:17AM
Dog Breeds ( Restricted Access )
Rhodesian Ridgeback
This where Ridgeback owners and breeders can chat about their dogs
1 1 Sat Apr 17 2010, 09:04PM
Alaskan Malamutes
Here you can read about the characteristics of this wonderful breed and what fun you can have with them.
8 0 Sun Apr 11 2010, 02:27PM
Tomarctus SA
Miniature Schnauzers
If you are interested to know more about these feisty little dogs please read the posts on this forum. If you own one or if you are a breeder, please feel free to post pictures of your darlings and tell us about them
2 3 Tue Apr 06 2010, 05:41PM
Cairn Terriers
1 0 Mon Apr 19 2010, 09:53PM
Afghan Hound
This is the place for Afghan owners and breeders to tell us about your dogs. You may brag a little if you like
1 0 Tue Mar 09 2010, 06:29PM
Border Collies
If you are a breeder or owner of these intelligent and agile sheepdogs please tell us about it.
0 0 -
English Bulldogs
15 38 Fri Apr 05 2013, 10:59AM
German Shepherd
Here we invite breeders and owners of GSDs to brag about, give advice about, ask advice about German Shepherds. You may also post a picture of your dog.
0 0 -
Old English Sheepdog
This forum is for breeders and owners of that wonderful large shaggy dog the OES.
0 0 -
Shetland Sheep Dogs "Shelties"
This forum is for breeders and owners of Shelties to tell us about their dogs' achievements, tell us about the availability of new litters and generally chat about the breed.
0 0 -
Cat Breeds ( Restricted Access )
Bengal cats
This is probably one of the most unusual breeds of cat with the most exotic markings imaginable!
1 0 Tue May 04 2010, 10:37AM
Longevity in Pets and their Owners ( Restricted Access )
The use of resveratrol as a longevity supplement has become popular all over the world
1 0 Sun Mar 07 2010, 03:43PM
Ask Dr Gerry ( Restricted Access )
Questions about exotic pets
Here you can ask me questions about your exotic pets. (I don't mean the one you met in Hawaii, George
3 3 Wed Jul 20 2011, 12:28PM
Questions about dog diseases
21 13 Thu Mar 21 2013, 12:46PM
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