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Seizures / fits
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Thu Mar 21 2013, 12:46PM
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I have a little cross breed male dog, 8 years old. November last year he had 3 seizures in 1 day. First time he ever had them. He would start by pushing his tongue out as though he had something stuck in his mouth. then he would roll over, go ridgid and have the seizure. Anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes. He would be disorientated afterwards, for about 30 minutes to an hour. He had a full check up at the vet and blood tests done, and all results were normal. He has been fine until this morning, when he had another seizure. This one was a little different. He did not go ridgid, but rather moved his legs as though he was running. Once the seizure stopped, he did not wake up emediately as before. he seemed to be unconcious for about 5 minutes. After that it was the normal disorientation.

Could neutering him help? I also have two female Ridgebacks. My vet did mention that high hormone levels could cause fits, though his blood test results were normal.


So today he had another fit. Woke up from this one ( same sort of fit as last time ) pretty quickly, and was extreemely hungry afterwards. This is really worrying, as we still have no idea what is causing this!

I have, since my last update, had him neutered. His testicales were a little large for his size and one was larger than the other. It is therefor possible that it was causing a hormone imbalance, which can cause the fits. He is also on a herbal seizure controll medication.

He is doing well and seems to be becoming his old self again.


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