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This is what users of PAINSOLV from all over the world have to say about it
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Painsolv® satisfied customers


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"I have suffered the results of life as a Prima Ballerina and the physical toll the profession takes on the feet.
My problems are severe pain under and over the arch of the foot in addition to calcification on top of my left foot, which has got progressively worse since I retired from performance.
I must express my unbridled delight, for after using the PainSolv for just a few treatments my pain has most certainly decreased already which is most gratifying…"

Bryony Brind
, Prima Ballerina, Hertforshire

"I am an ex-boat builder and have been very active in the RNLI for over 34 years. I also have an keen interest in Reiki, supported by an ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage (Credit). Long periods of working on my knees laying decks (no knee pads in those days!) resulted in my suffering intense pain in both knees, presented as a stabbing pain behind the patella and a sensation of tightness around the joints.
This all meant I suffered badly going up and down stairs, even when I got up from a sitting position. I am really thrilled with the results of using PainSolv and getting in and out of the car is now a doddle, completely free of pain. It is now a joy to walk to the shops instead of using the car. I have now recommended PainSolv to several friends. Something I would never do unless I was totally convinced, but yes, it really does work!"

Ian Taylor, Ex-Boatbuilder, Middlesex

"I have had to cope with the tiring effects of a joint condition I have suffered since early childhood. The effect on my life has been devastating, due to almost continuous pain and discomfort.
I learned about PainSolv through an Internet search one evening and duly purchased one. I was slightly sceptical, but had tried everything else on the market, including similar products and thought that one more wouldn't do any harm.
I could not have been more surprised and thrilled by the results! I was particularly pleased to discover that using PainSolv has helped me to manage the pain and reduce my reliance on the pain killing drugs that I take. I am so pleased I bought PainSolv from you and thoroughly endorse everything your delightful customer service lady told me... words cannot describe what PainSolv has done for my joint pain and my life!"
Sandra Brinded, Homemaker, Norfolk

"I suffered from a frozen shoulder and injured it, helping to move barrels in the cellar of my restaurant three months ago.
The pain got so intense that I couldn’t even lift my hand above waist level. PainSolv® was recommended to me by one of my customers who works in consumer health care, so I decided to try it out."
"It was the best decision I could have made! Within 6 days, I was able to move my arm freely, even around the back of my head, without any real discomfort."
Tony Reavey, Restaurateur and Chef Patron, Northamptonshire

"I suffered for three long years extreme pain from post herpetic neuralgia (PHN) which was a legacy of a shingles attack in 2005. I tried all the expensive drugs my doctors prescribed, plus all the over the counter analgesics I could find, all the "old wives tales" remedies like rubbing on beetroot leaves, lemon juice, chillies, etc.. All to no avail, but very costly.
I had also suffered arthritis in my hands to the extent that I could hardly move my fingers. In 2003 I had a right hip replacement operation which behaved well for a couple of years but eventually I found I had to ask my wife to put on my right sock for me because it became painful to do it myself.
Old age was really setting in and I was constantly in pain and getting more and more frustrated and depressed. Luckily, one day I came across an article in one of my wife's UK woman's magazines which gave some testimonials on the use of PainSolv for pain management.
I immediately contacted the manufacturer in UK and got them to send me a unit which I received in September 2008. It proved to be simple and convenient to use and I started using it on a daily basis.
The result is that after three months usage I have NO pain from the PHN, I can move my fingers without pain (they still look ugly and swollen - it can control the pain but does not necessarily cure the condition) and I can put on my own socks without difficulty or pain. I am happy to give permission to PainSolv Ltd. to use any or all the facts in this testimonial in any way they see fit."
G. Iain Jenkins Durban, South Africa

"About a year ago, my wonderful white German Shepherd crossbreed suffered a cruciate ligament whilst playing ball. The vet offered two choices - either an operation or Radar to have plenty of rest and virtually no exercise for about three months.
We elected for the second option and a friend recommended that I use PainSolv on her. Radar had three sessions a day on the wound setting for about ten weeks and then we very gradually introduced short 'on the lead' walks. We were so concerned that after the injury, Radar's lifestyle would change dramatically but she is now back to her old self (but no ball playing).
Our vet and kennels are amazed with her recovery and I can honestly say I feel that so much of this was due to PainSolv. Thank you PainSolv."
Ms C Hammond, Northamptonshire

"Please find our cheque for another pot of your excellent Balm! PS: The PainSolv machine is quite wonderful! Thank you."
Mr N Golton, Yorkshire

"Paula is using PainSolv every day and it is already certainly helping to alleviate the pain. It is now 4 months since the onset of the Shingles attack started and she has been using the unit for about a week. As a matter of interest, she has also used it on mosquito bites with great relief."
Mr D McGarr, South Africa

"I purchased some weeks ago, a PainSolv cell function device and to be perfectly frank, this cell function tool, though not able to remove pain completely, has been most beneficial. I am using the device to relieve the excruciating pain generated by any movement to the hernia, as the pain killer Dihydrocodeine has had little effect in reducing pain."
Mr R Stalker, Cornwall

"I bought PainSolv for my frozen shoulder and am very pleased with the results. My wife also suffers from a bad knee and was amazed how how well it worked on her, more so as she is always really sceptical with things like this."
Mr Penn, Warwickshire

"I just got back to my home office and used my Painsolv machine. No more wrist support required, almost back to full movement with manageable pain levels after just two applications. Brilliant! Thanks!"
Ms L Foxwell-Canning, Leicestershire

"I have been using the PainSolv unit for diabetic neuropathy to great effect and also using it on my partner who has arthritis and the results have been very good for her also. Thanks for the help."
Mr Rossell, London

"The device is possibly the best I have ever had for my 50-year old shoulder injury. There was consistently less pain after using PainSolv.
My wife had lower back pain and I persuaded her to let me use the device on her. She had polio when she was a baby and, as a result, has a walking impairment. She is registered disabled and has a blue badge.
To my surprise, when I applied the device to her back, she couldn't feel any pulse at all, neither long nor short. (I think this must be something to do with the polio.)  Interestingly, though, she was more or less free of pain after the session.
I would add that she is a very sceptical person. She was able to feel the pulse from the device when I applied it to her hand afterwards."
Mr D Quint, London

"I've had a TENS machine, magnetic straps and a magnetic collar, all of which were thrown into the bin! I really can’t believe that PainSolv has helped me so much in the time I’ve been using it - it is just fantastic!"
Mrs Joan Jenkins, Essex

"...thank you so much for your kindness and efficiency. I shall certainly send anyone who asks me to you!"
Jean Stalker, Cornwall

"I bought PainSolv for my wife who suffers from arthritis and it has been effective in improving her symptoms for which I am most grateful. Thank you so much for your quick and efficient service. Your company has earned lots of brownie points for the way you deal with customers."
Mr D Saxby, Huntingdonshire

"I am 73 years old and have suffered with arthritis in my knees for the past 4 years. I bought a Painsolv unit and after using it for less than a week I was amazed that I can now, for the first time in 4 years, walk down the 9 steps at my golf club without pain in my knees and without holding onto the hand rail. I am overjoyed with this product and I would thoroughly recommend it."
Mr Eden, Birmingham

"I have recently purchased a Painsolv device and I am very pleased with the results as it has enabled me to come off my medication which I had been on for several years to treat my Spinal Stenosis and Arthritis. However I would like to find out if I could take out an extended warranty on it as I would hate to be without it now."
Ms Christina Harrison, Kent

"I wished to obtain the PainSolv to help me with a sports injury I sustained and I am pleased to report that is has helped me enormously."
Ms Judith A Davis, Greater Manchester

"I suffer from a frozen shoulder and when I injured myself moving barrels in my busy restaurant business four weeks ago, the pain gradually got so bad that I couldn't even brush my own hair. I was unable to lift my hand above waist level, the pain was so bad.
I remembered reading about the PainSolv in the Sunday Express and decided to try it out. It was the best decision I could have made because within 6 days, I was able to move my arm so that I could even wrap my hand around the back of my head without any real discomfort.
I am so impressed that I just had to write and tell you - I would definitely recommend anyone who suffers long-term pain to try this very impressive medical device."
Tony Reavey, Restaurateur and Chef Patron, Northamptonshire

"I use the PainSolv medical device to treat all sorts of pain conditions for myself and my family with tremendous results. I also regularly use another PainSolv product, PainSolv Celadrin Accelerator Balm for aching muscles and joints. Before playing 5 a side football I use it to warm and protect my muscles. All in all, I am most impressed with PainSolv and would happily recommend it to anyone."
Mr P Roberts, Leicestershire

"I have suffered from fibromyalgia and migraines for several years and I am so pleased to have found PainSolv products. The relief you have brought me is very much appreciated. Please accept my heartiest thanks."
Mrs Y Boyd, Housewife, Northern Ireland

"Over a year ago, I was struck down with sciatica and was unable to play golf for many months. As well as being made worse by doctors prescribing me painkillers which had so many side-effects it wasn't worth the trouble, I had to wait for over 20 weeks for physiotherapy, which only made matters worse.
I was quite depressed about the whole episode when I discovered PainSolv through the recommendation of my cousin, who swears by it. I have tried several other devices to help relieve my pain but PainSolv is far and away better than all of them put together in my view."
Mr A Baylis, Leicestershire

"I have suffered with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for many years and have had an operation on my right hand. The problem has now become worse on my left hand and a friend suggested I should try PainSolv, which I did.
Within a few days the pain had eased considerably and I am very hopeful now that I will not require further surgery as the difference PainSolv has made is dramatic."
Mrs Carol Talbot, Northamptonshire

"I suffered painful burns to my lips and mouth due to battery acid ingestion and was amazed how PainSolv quickly reduced the discomfort and swelling. I have also had great relief when I used it on numerous other painful muscular injuries "
Mrs Penni Robson, Leicestershire

"I have been suffering for several months from an inflamed hip joint as the result of a gardening accident, which has caused me to suffer referred pain in the lower back and also in my right knee.
I have used PainSolv Celadrin Accelerator Balm regularly now for several weeks and it gives me relief within 5 minutes of applying it.
I have also applied the balm to my hip prior to using the PainSolv device and the results are dramatic for me. I would recommend these amazing products to anyone who is tired of the debilitating effect of constant pain."
Mrs Sonia Hamilton, Tyne & Wear

"I do a lot of running and have recently competed in The Great North Run. Inevitably my training schedule has resulted in several minor injuries for various reasons, all of which inevitably include pain. I have used the PainSolv product very successfully on a number of pain conditions including knee pain and ankle pain."
Ms A Setterfield, Cleveland

"I tripped on the stairs and badly twisted my ankle, damaging ligaments and tendons in the process. I could not drive for a month and had to walk with the aid of crutches.
My doctor told me it would take up to a year to heal properly. I used PainSolv and found it to be excellent in helping to relieve my pain and it helped me to gain full 'pain free' mobility much sooner than he anticipated."
Mrs Shirley Foster, Essex

"My whole family has benefited from using PainSolv and it is now an essential part of our luggage! Our 11yr old son has suffered knee pain due to Osgood-Schlattes disease (growing pains) and the device helped him almost instantly!
As a fitness instructor, I often suffer from aches and pains and tried it out on a recurring calf injury and was delighted with the results. Then my husband tried it on his dull lower back pain which he had suffered for many years and the relief was dramatic."
Sarah Bragg, Fitness Instructor, Leicestershire

"Since suffering two strokes on the same side of my body some years ago, I have suffered with consistent and debilitating lower back pain, which I am told is as a result of how I hold my body to cope with my mobility issues.
I was lucky enough to be treated with the PainSolv device last week and I cannot wait to get my own, as I have been able to rise from seats without pain for the first time in years. This is quite clearly a major breakthrough in self-care which I applaud."
Ian McCorquodale, Publisher, Hatfield

"I have a condition called Polymyalgic Rheumatica which is linked to Osteoarthritis which I have suffered for many years. It all got worse when I moved back to the UK (I had lived abroad for over 35 years). The pain was fairly constant and affected several parts of my body.
When I was given the PainSolv to try, I did not think for one minute it would help with my problems, which affected me worse in my hands and fingers, preventing me from doing the baking, cooking and art I so enjoyed, but I am amazed to say it has changed my life for the better.
I would heartily recommend it to anyone with any type of chronic pain condition."
Mrs I E Horey, Pensioner, Tyne and Wear

"I have been suffering from a recalcitrant leg ulcer for over two months which was about 4mm deep and a diameter of almost 20mm, which has been very uncomfortable and inconvenient. Progress using compression bandages and creams from the surgery was frustratingly slow.
But then four weeks ago I tried PainSolv on the wound and I am so pleased that I no longer have to wear a compression bandage because the ulcer has healed! This would not have healed so speedily without the daily use of PainSolv."
Mr B P Linke, Northamptonshire

"I thank you so much for your speedy service in getting me an extra power adaptor. I find using the PainSolv extremely helpful."
J J Kirrage, Essex

"I'm 47 now, and some years ago I was the victim of a brutal and senseless crime which left me with four badly damaged vertebrae, two in the neck, one between my shoulders and another at the base of my spine; plus years of crippling pain and immobility and most of the additional ill health conditions too which latch onto people forced through their disabilities, to lead sedentary lifestyles; Rheumatoid Arthritis being just one.
Well here is my first impression of using this device for only a relatively short time. Good gracious me it actually works!!! Yes, there was doubt; simply because I think I've tried every confounded gizmo or pill currently out there.
Thank you, and to use a very famous adage it definitely seems 'to do exactly what it says on the tin'. And in this case, the pot too!!.
Creams, Gels, and lotions arn't really my thing at all; as over the years, I've got used to popping a hatful of pills four or five times a day, but that cream accelerator stuff is really good, in fact it's almost pleasant.
And since the hospital has recently highlighted the damage done to my heart, liver and stomach through long-term medication using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for pain control, I should in all sense and fairness to myself, start using alternatives which work. As I said; its early days, but so far I'm chuffed to bits. Thanks again."
Mr B Blackfawd-Wootton, Warwickshire

"I am getting relief for my recently diagnosed neuropathy caused by diabetes. The pain in my legs is considerably reduced when using the PainSolv machine."
Mr R Kelly, Surrey

"I purchased your PainSolv unit because I suffer from sciatia pain. I have already noticed slight improvement in my condition and am sure I will see even better results when I can use the unit three times a day."
Mr A Heldt, London

"I am very happy and impressed with the PainSolv product. I was at the point of going in for a knee replacement operation because I couldn't stand the pain any longer but PainSolv has helped me enormously so I am not going to do this anymore."
Mr B Taylor, London

"I've had my PainSolv for 2 weeks and, as a 71 year-young woman, I'm absolutely thrilled with it!"
Ms T Blore, London

"Need to share this with you. Our nine year old cat Shilo came home in a dreadful state yesterday afternoon - could not put his front left paw down, and it was visibly twice the size the leg should have been. I left him to sleep all afternoon, and before we went to bed last night, I took our unit up to him, and used PainSolv up and down his leg 8 times in a row on Pain mode.
He was RUNNING away from our kitten this morning. There is no swelling and no limp - I was going to take him to the vet this morning, which would have cost £40 just for the consultation, then any medication on top. This could save me hundreds of pounds!!"
Mrs S Archer, Northamptonshire

"I jumped out of the way of a motorbike that was heading my way at an Enduro event (cross country motorbike racing) and on landing, I was in great pain and very soon felt my active life was virtually over. An MRI scan showed that my gluteal tendon was wrenched from my greater trochanter.
I had to give up my much-loved long walks across the fields, in the woods and up and down the hills around my farm and could only swim using my arms. I bought a Tramper (cross country mobility scooter) and got to my favourite places on that before going the short distance I could walk and home again on the Tramper.
Then I bought a PainSolv.  Now, after months of using the PainSolv on my hip, I can walk without a limp, climb gates and swim with some leg movement (I still use the Tramper for excursions with other people when they plan to walk further than I want to!).
If I have overdone it I just put the PainSolv on my hip and the pain soon goes. This therapy has helped enormously, and though I do not understand how, I seldom get pain and can walk at least one mile, unaided, again.
Being 77 years old I inevitably get other aches and pains, including the odd headache, but the PainSolv always makes them go away.  I will do anything to avoid taking drugs and the PainSolv means I can avoid resorting to them.
I have even been able to reject the offer of three yearly cortisone injections into my hip which was on the cards before I found my PainSolv.”
Mrs JC, Devon

"I have been suffering for the past five months with a severely swollen and painful thumb, which as I am 82 (very active though), I have put down to some form of osteoarthritis. I also suffer occasional gout. I have taken medication for the swollen thumb but have ended up with all sorts of side effects which have made me feel worse!
I first heard of PainSolv through an email from someone and when I read that it came with a 60 day money back guarantee, I thought it was worth the risk so ordered one.
I was totally surprised to find that within just 5 or 6 days, I was getting genuine pain relief and the swelling was also going down rapidly, to the extent that within two weeks, I am free of pain and swelling! I am so thrilled with the results I have had that I would enthusiastically recommend the product to anyone suffering any sort of pain! You can use this on your literature or website and I have taken your survey over the phone this morning!"
Mr Wilkins, West Sussex

"I'm very pleased with the benefits gained from using my PainSolv unit. I suffer from torn muscles & ligaments in my left shoulder (the result of a bicyling accident some years ago). The PainSolv certainly helps with easing the pain & I'm now sleeping much better."

Mr R Layton, Western Australia

"My wife has used the PainSolv on her arthritic knees with great effect, so we are very pleased with the therapeutic results."

Professor K Barber, Hampshire

"I have received my PainSolv and would like to tell you how pleased I am with your service (and that of the gentleman I spoke to prior to you). Sigh! If only more companies were like yours."
Mr F Bate, Devon

"Since suffering severe injury following an explosion, where I was trapped beneath rubble, I spent 7 months in hospital, when I was a young woman. Since then my life has slowly become almost unbearable due to the constant pain, which TENS, TSE and drugs have done nothing to help at all. I saw PainSolv in Viva and bought one. It has given me the will to live a fuller life and I feel so much better that I had to purchase a spare product so that I always have one ready to use."
Mrs Ellis, Gloucestershire

"I ordered a replacement battery charger from you today. Many thanks for your prompt and pleasant service!"
Mr J Frame, Roxburghshire

"I purchased one of your PainSolv machines to help me cope with a lot of pain I experience with arthritic finger joints and also an incredibly painful elbow joint, which even prevents me from lifting a cup of tea without suffering extreme discomfort.
To my unbridled joy, I gained almost full relief within less than a single day and it has lasted too! I did have a problem though, because my daughter, who had read the User Guide thoroughly, told me she was concerned that it stated it might not be safe to use near an implanted cardiac pacemaker which I have. So, she arranged for me to attend George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust in Nuneaton to have the unit tested on various parts of my body by a qualified Cardiac Technician.
I was covered in those pads and wired up to the ECG machine for a check up and while it was still working the PainSolv® was applied to almost every joint in my body as well as over soft tissue, including near the implant, with absolutely no adverse effects at all on the ECG machine. The technician then said that in view of the fact we were in a safe clinical environment, we could apply the PainSolv machine directly over the implant to monitor any change in cardiac activity. There was no change to the output or calibration of the implant and the technician declared it was clearly safe to use as close to the implant as desired.
I hope you are as pleased as I was and I will ring you shortly because I think people complain enough these days, so should make the effort to congratulate companies for doing something good for people. Thank you PainSolv."
Mr Burgess, Hinckley

"Need to share this with you. Our nine year old cat Shilo came home in a dreadful state yesterday afternoon - could not put his front left paw down, and it was visibly twice the size the leg should have been. I left him to sleep all afternoon, and before we went to bed last night, I took our unit up to him, and used PainSolv up and down his leg 8 times in a row on Pain mode. He was RUNNING away from our kitten this morning. There is no swelling and no limp - I was going to take him to the vet this morning, which would have cost £40 just for the consultation, then any medication on top. This could save me hundreds of pounds!!" Mrs S A, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

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