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Save Our Precious English Bulldogs From The KUSA Monster Breeders
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Wed Nov 17 2010, 03:45PM

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Dr Gerry Retief, BVSc, MRCVS, in another thread on this forum, wrote a stinging critique of the modern English Bulldog their and breeders thus (editing and emphasis mine):


“Unfortunately nowadays from a veterinary point of view the English Bulldog in South Africa is a walking disaster. If nothing is done about the way these dogs are being bred in South Africa, this loveable breed is doomed.”


“For the past 100 years the bulldog has been bred with shorter and shorter deformed legs, a deformed spine, the scull has become so flattened and deformed that the top dogs can hardly breathe.”


“As a veterinarian I often have to do plastic surgery to treat problems associated with screw tails and excessive skin folds on the nose and face. To breed the "modern" show dog is a challenge. Because the male is so deformed with it's broad chest, short deformed legs and struggle to breathe most breeders nowadays have to resort to artificial insemination to produce a litter.”


“Because of the hugely exaggerated broadness of the heads, pups are seldom born "naturally" so a caesarian section has to be done to get them out. The dams are so clumsy that the pups often have to be removed from them and fed by hand to prevent the dam from smothering her pups.”


“The British Kennel Club has recognised this problem and has promulgated new standards for breeders in the UK to start addressing these problems. Unfortunately, in their wisdom, the Kennel Union of Southern Africa decided to reject this new standard for the next three years. After that, I presume it will be possible to extend this moratorium on the new standard.”


“Having bred these dogs many years ago and given up in disgust because of the problems mentioned above, I feel sad that this ancient breed is being bred to extinction.”


I, Stuart Thomson, am a professional multidisciplinary researcher and Director, Gaia Research Institute, Knysna.


I am a Bulldog owner, Bulldog breeder, KUSA member and have a registered kennel, Bygones Bulldogs. Since January 2010, I am a man on a mission, after having discovered back in late December 2009, that the bulldog breeders and clubs had connived with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa to place a 3-year moratorium on any deliberations around the implementation of the U.K. Kennel Club’s revised Breed Standard, effective in the U.K. as of October 2009.


These amendments had as their clearly stated intention, the rewording of selected parts of the Standard so as to more explicitly describe, i.e., with clearer limitations, certain aspects of the description of the ideal Bulldog, that had been progressively and repeatedly misinterpreted by especially show bulldog breeders for the purposes of exaggeration so as to outdo the competition in ways other than perfect eyes, perfect ears, perfect teeth, perfect coat etc.


It is regretable that South African bulldog breeders and especially show-breeders were unable to accept the reality of and at least partial responsibility for this state of affairs. Instead of voluntarily embracing the revisions in the spirit that they were undertaken by many experts in the field of animal genetics and veterinary health and welfare, these selfish breeders and their clubs, connived with soul-less sympathisers at the KUSA and arranged a 3-year moratorium. This has had the negative effect for the bulldogs of having eliminated all incentives to improve the health of the bulldog breed in South Africa.


Effectively it remains business as usual. All the same genetically compromised studs and bitches will continue to perpetuate their serious genetic defects and diseases unchecked for several generations more and moreover, continue to be rewarded for this criminal activity, by being awarded ongoing show accolades, lucratively making them and their offspring highly desirable to future generations of breeders for their pseudo-champion status.


I hope to use this forum, at Dr Gerry Retief’s pleasure, to draw detailed public and professional attention to the crisis that Dr Gerry has alluded to in his short, but stinging heartfelt critique of the health and welfare status of English Bulldog at the hands of bulldog show-breeders, -judges, -colluding veterinarians and -KUSA administrators.


As a starting point I wish to invite readers to visit my educational website at: ; and


furthermore,  to avail themselves of the considerable archived material that I cannot, for sheer size reasons, reproduce here, namely:


my Gaia Bulldog Report "From Perfection to Pathetic Pathology in 100 Years" at: ; and

my correspondence record with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa at:



I intend to spill the beans here on the inner-workings of the bulldog breeding, -judging, -veterinary and –administrative fraternity in this country in an effort to coerce these individuals and structures to face their consciences and do right by the English Bulldogs in their care and capitulate on their selfish moratorium.


I would prefer that participants keep to the main topics in this thread and take off-topic comments to a new threads of their own initiation, which own advice I also intend following, by starting new threads for photos of my dogs etc.


I would ask that participants keep matters honest, factual and cordial at all times. Much mud-slinging, insults and sarcasm has already been vented on an e-mail thread that I initiated a few months ago to debate these issues. This debate now prints to in excess of 60-pages and contains a wealth of opinions and structured arguments, some by myself, comprising valuable historical facts that are not available in more popular bulldog books and articles.


If anyone wishes to receive this e-mail thread and possibly participate thereon, especially if you intend to ‘let rip’ a little, then please contact me at .


Please alert your friends, your veterinarian, your breeder, and if sufficiently incensed, should you feel so inclined, the media as well. We need a groundswell of opposition to this selfish moratorium and a groundswell of positive support for breeder, judging and administrator reforms to return our beloved friends, the English Bulldogs to health.



Yours sincerely



Stuart Thomson

Director, Gaia Research 

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Fri Nov 19 2010, 03:28PM

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Hello All

Let me make it clear at the outset that I am a relative novice at Bulldogging, but have faster than anyone else in the history of bulldogs in this country, been plunged into the turbid depths of the secret activities of the hierarchical elite of this fraternity, whilst at the same time attaining a level of understanding that exceeds all the breeders, judges and administrators combined, regarding the health and welfare crisis facing the Bulldog, both locally and abroad.


I am not bragging. It is a fact. Until the recent support by Dr Jerry Retief, BVSc, the first local veterinarian to take a public stand, I alone have maintained the high moral ground and single-handedly taken on this entire empire. In my e-mail debate, I challenged all bulldog breeders in this country to prove me wrong or to support me. Not one has. That said, I am mindful and appreciative of the heart-warming support I have received from non-breeder owners.


I believe it fair to state that I am the only bulldog breeder living up to the claim to be improving the breed. At time of writing, I have only owned ten bulldogs, currently retaining five selections for my kennel. My first bulldog, Missy, was a spayed brindle bitch, acquired in early 2003.



Whilst on the subject, let me fast-forward to 30th December, 2009, when I wrote in a cordial e-mail to Julia van Rooyen, Chairperson of the South African Bulldog Club, and owner of Roseneath Bulldogs kennel as follows:


“The revised U.K. Kennel Club Bulldog Standard seems certain to be adopted, following eventual acceptance thereof by the U.K. Breeder's Council, following their Member Club's decisions to this effect. In essence, virtually all Bulldogs will now be out of Standard and given demonstrated strong resistance to the revisions, all breeders and exhibitors now need to be re-educated, re-orientated and disciplined to the new Standard”.


Mrs van Rooyen cordially e-mailed me on 31st December, letting the cat out of the bag with what was, for me, a shocking revelation that not many insiders, including the Chairman of my Cape Bulldog Club was aware of, namely:


Regarding the new breed standard - in SA ‘we’ have successfully placed a 3-year moratorium on any changes to the breed - whether this will hold good - only time will tell. The UK Bulldog Breeders are totally adverse to any changes, but will accede to some of the important health issues, inter alia, small over nose wrinkle, better breathing and such like. However, how long can you go against the requirements of the UK Kennel Club, short of forming a Bulldog Federation, which would mean Bulldogs cannot be shown at the Crufts Show - a very thorny issue and we will have to wait to and see how this all pans out in the very near future. Thank you for the interest you are showing in the breed, and taking time to write - much appreciated.”


That same day I cordially e-mailed Mrs van Rooyen in response as follows:


“How, might I ask, has the 3-year moratorium for South Africa come about? In particular who are the parties to said moratorium? a) Who spoke for whom in negotiating a moratorium and b) By what authority, given that said arrangement affects so may others not party to such an arrangement? I have registered bulldogs, a registered kennel and am a member of the Cape Bulldog Club, but my input was not sought. In fact, no-one was prepared to discuss the issue, nor let on what was taking place in the various structures that were scrambling to put out the fire that resulted from the very conditions that these had allowed to develop.”


“Our Bulldogs have been suffering at the hand of breeders and exhibitors for a century, so why delay, by another three years, an incentive to correct matters as soon as possible? How can it possibly be that whilst the U.K. and the rest of the civilised world are already working hard to immediately work towards alleviating these and more serious health problems with their Bulldogs, we in South Africa, could selfishly allow our dogs to be awarded championship points when presenting with such serious faults?”


That same day, Mrs van Rooyen cordially e-mailed me in response as follows:

“I will attend to all your queries and give you answers after the holiday season.” 

However, on 2nd January 2010, Mrs van Rooyen cordially e-mailed me as follows:

“Perhaps it would be a good idea to phone me at (011) 702 1056 then I explain to you in detail how this procedure came about rather than going into a lot of letter writing.”


That same day, I cordially e-mailed Mrs van Rooyen in response as follows:


“With due respect and my sincere apologies for my intrusion on your time, I really would prefer that you kept to a written reply”. Having, after several cordial reminders, not received the requested and promised written reply, I eventually telephoned Julia van Rooyen during the first working week of January 2010 in an attempt to pursue ‘Plan B’.

Regretably Mrs van Rooyen was no longer cordial, in fact, was defensive, and after asking me “Just where are we supposed to get our new standard ‘stock’ from”, and in response to my suggestion that “the only logical source is from the bulldogs and their offspring that the show-breeders have discarded all these years”, Julia exclaimed: “Oh no, we could never do that” and with a loud crack, slammed the phone down in my ear.


That was our last communication on this subject. Is this acceptable for a 'lady' in her position? So much for appreciating the interest I was showing in the breed!

I then took up the matter of the moratorium with Mr Greg Eva, President of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa. These exchanges, having been archived uncensored as an e-mail thread on my website, are now in the public domain at: .

I shall reveal the shocking details of the strategic behind the scenes manoeuvring by this animal health and welfare-indifferent self-serving institution here later, in particular the non-procedural aspects, but I think it might prove insightful to first take a critical look at Julia van Rooyen’s Chairmanship of the SA Bulldog Club and her kennel, Roseneath from my own point of view. 

I am not going behind anyone's back regarding any of the postings here. All affected parties have a right to reply. All local bulldog breeders of which I am aware have been apprised of the existence of this post by e-mail and are welcome to respond, provided that this remains factual and reliably documented, which are the only acceptable standard being permitted on this thread.


Stuart Thomson 

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Mon Nov 22 2010, 03:05PM

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Hello All

In an attempt to understand how the show bulldog degenerated into such an unhealthy and wretched shadow of its former glorious self; why the breeders are in deep denial of the crisis and their own complicity therein; and moreover, why their total resistance to international efforts to rescue this beloved breed from the brink of extinction runs so deep, I have sought to analyse the show bulldog elite via their public statements, conformation to the Breed Standard and via photographic evidence, the honesty and integrity of this behaviour against the authenticity of their bulldogs.


Julia van Rooyen, chairperson of the South African Bulldog Club and owner of Roseneath Bulldogs, despite her claim to "follow a policy of education and information"; in spite of having bred, owned and exhibited Bulldogs for close to 40 years”, and it being “almost impossible to list all our achievements”, and being “members of the KUSA Accredited Breeders Scheme”, in addition to one brag after another (, it turns out that her achievements are connived, since every Roseneath dog is ‘out of Standard’ and moreover, are compromised by a complex of serious genetic disease conditions, as evidenced in my Gaia Bulldog Report.


Under Achievements”, it is written: The worth of a sire or dam to the breed must surely be measured in the Champion progeny produced rather than show records and litters produced”, which to me reveals the core of the problem, namely, that the connived champion status, rather than the condition of the bulldogs themselves, is the primary consideration amongst show bulldog breeders. Yet, Julia van Rooyen goes on to state, apparently paying mere lip-service thereto, that: “Perhaps we can all learn that instead of stealing thunder from ‘great’ dogs, that their photographs should be closely studied with a view to trying to understand what made them ‘great’"


But which photographs of which great dogs? As I have shown in the arguments on my e-mail ‘Bulldog Debate’ thread, we need to go all the way back to the winners immediately prior to and subsequent to the authoring and adoption of the Standard, largely still in use today, irrespective of whether it be revised or not. The intention of the Standard, namely to preserve the Old English Bull Dog of that time should inform its interpretation. Clearly, studying photographs from the 21st Century, let alone the present, is totally inappropriate for that high purpose, since I have shown, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that interpretation for exaggeration has totally ruined that breed.  


Julia van Rooyen and her husband George are both Utility Group KUSA show judges (which includes Bulldogs), which to me suggests far too cosy a relationship with other judges whilst their own dogs are being exhibited, which is one aspect of what I describe as connived competition results. This is not an isolated case, since quite a few of the winning kennel’s owners are part of this elite inner circle, which situation is clearly far from ideal and casts a veil of suspicion over the success of all such ‘connected’ kennels and makes a mockery of their supposed winners.


So how competent are these breeders as judges? Given that all support the KUSA moratorium, in spite of my definitive Gaia Bulldog Report proving the serious genetic diseases afflicting all of these exhibits, I will commit myself here to public record stating that all these bulldog breeder judges are pathetically blind to the numerous serious faults of the bulldogs on the circuit. If it were not so, they would have disqualified most on several serious health parameters, and at the hand of others, this would have include most of their own exhibits and champions.


Julia van Rooyen, in one of her supposedly 'Educational Articles', titled The Master Piece”, states as follows:

“Breeders strive to ‘create’ the perfect expression of the perfect dog. How do we assess the relative merits of a dog that we would consider a masterpiece? The answer is ‘very carefully’. It is an opinion based on the application of three tests: type, quality, and forgiveness.” [Abbreviated, but readers can access the extended article here: - S.T.]

Type - Without it, one does not have a worthy specimen of any breed. The standard provides an outline, both literally and figuratively. Breed type, when evident, is an ideal harmony of proportions. Quality - Is the dog sound? Does it have good legs and joints? … Beware the common dog! Forgiveness - The gift of instinct. There is no perfect dog, though some may be close. Breeder, fancier, and judge must know which faults to forgive, and when.”


Sadly, the modern show bulldog fails miserably in terms of type, as I have argued on the e-mail list, from historical and veterinary science perspectives, without a single bulldog breeder or judge countering my irrefutable evidence put before them for my argument and conclusion that the modern show bulldog is hopelessly out of conformation to Standard, including the old (Old UK - current SA), let alone the revised (current UK - future SA) standards. I have proven definitively that the show bulldogs fail miserably in terms of quality of the aspects that matter most to the animals themselves, namely that which affects its health and welfare. Julia’s concept of forgiveness is merely another word for ‘kennel-blindness’ and ‘judge-blindness’, pseudo-legitimising disease exaggerations as normal.


In fact, having had its gene-pool and phenotype progressively depleted over more than a century, the show-bulldog is today approximately only 25% of the gene pool of the old English Bulldog of 135 years ago when the Standard was set down, whereas current pet Bulldogs (with the exception of breed out-crosses) represent between 25-75% of old English Bulldog genetic authenticity, with the higher percentiles being those that have less show-dog in their pedigree and vice versa. Shockingly, the remaining 75% of the show bulldog comprises of some 25% pug and 50% serious aberrant skeletal diseased genetic material. Julia van Rooyen’s and the acclaimed achievements of all champions and bulldogs from champion bloodlines are in fact merely the (worst) champions of diseased bulldogs.


In another so-called ‘educational article’, Breeding to the Standard”, the degree to which Julia van Rooyen and her ilk have lost their way and now pay mere lip service to the original intentions of the Standard is evident. Julia van Rooyen nauseatingly hypocritically reveals a string of failed commitments one after the other here as follows:


There is a reason for a breed standard, and an even stronger reason to adhere to it. This is simple, because it is the written standard. It is what your breed is about. The standard keeps breeders from going off on their own, picking out just the parts they happen to agree with. It is the responsibility of breeders to educate themselves on the meaning of the standard. If you think you do not need to read, breed to or understand your standard, perhaps you should rethink your priorities. If you cannot look at an animal and see correct (conformation), don't breed that litter! “As a favour to your breed, go back to the drawing board and decide why you have chosen a particular stud and bitch. Or is he and she simply a top -winner and you feel you must use him to sell your puppies?”


“Breeding successfully is hard to do. I am not talking about breeding show -winners; I am talking about breeding dogs that conform to the standard. Breeding show winners means succeeding in a very subjective arena, and it is not what being able to breed the best animal you can is all about. It is a good feeling to breed a show winner. It's very elating. But really, in the end, it proves nothing, except that you have bred a winner. Incorrect dogs have been winning since the inception of the dog show. Judges can only judge what is put before them; face it, if they are a little uncomfortable in their knowledge of the breed they're judging, they will put up the most showy animal.”


“It is even more important for the breeder than the judge to be educated. The judge is not responsible for what you breed - you are. Educate yourself, then listen to your feelings: If you don't quite understand what you've read, keep asking until you are absolutely sure.  Apply what you learn to your breeding programme. If you are not successful, you can try again, but only after more investigation and education. First, be honest with yourself. That means being fair to the wonderful people who buy your puppies. They deserve your honesty. Where would you be without them? The puppy buyers are really the backbone of the dog-breeding game. Be kind to them. It pays off in the long run.”


“If you reach a point where you think you don't need more breed knowledge, you still don't know enough. Go back to school. It is a mistake to inundate the world with inferior puppies because you think you "know it all". Leave a legacy of honesty and genuine concern for our breed; don't leave behind a reputation of scorn, dishonesty and inferior breeding. It is your responsibility to leave the breed better off than you found it. You can do this only by continuing to learn. Kennel blindness is narrow-mindedness, and it has no place in a long-lasting, reputable breeding programme.” [A slightly longer full text is posted here: - S.T.]


Now I must admit that the above piece by the Chairperson of the South African Bulldog Club and owner of Roseneath Bulldogs, which claims to have recently celebrated “40+ years of consistent excellence” and An achievement that sets goals for the future of the breed, that to date no one has matched”, is perfectly correct in very aspect, but one – application. If breeders of bulldogs know and believe the above to be true, then why does not a single one of them honestly put these words into practice? Why have they not applied the Breed Standard in its correct historical context and why have they not studied and prioritised the health and welfare of their bulldogs that they collectively, through their clubs and the Kennel Union of Southern Africa have so seriously degenerated?


In all honesty, and I will state it for the record, Julia van Rooyen has by no means bred the worst examples of the modern breed in South Africa. Quite to the contrary, Roseneath Bulldogs are among the least exaggerated and genetically deformed amongst the local champions, but they are nevertheless all testimony to a definite progressive degeneration, at her hand too, of the breed from true conformation, starting with her foundation dog, Spencer, as a result of his already compromised gene-pool, which trend now necessitated the U.K. Kennel Club’s revision of the Standard, precisely to curb this genetically diseased dog trend that kennel-blindness so insidiously obscures.


Julia, in celebrating Ch Spencer’s legacy of having sired 16 champions, reiterates her philosophy that “a Champion is only as good as the Champion progeny produced”. So what now that the U.K. Kennel Club, as the legal owner of the register of the pure-bred Bulldog and as the native dog of that country, the Breed Standard, has finally elected to revise the Standard so as to curb and eventually reverse the degeneration of the breed around the world? Does Julia van Rooyen, as a bulldog breeder and Chairperson of the oldest bulldog club in the country, embrace the reforms? No, she is instead instrumental in a moratorium on any changes to the Standard and refuses to divulge the secret dealings that led to the establishment of the moratorium without the rightful knowledge all role-players.


Why? The only rational explanation is that she and all other breeders not supporting the Revised Standard, having been halted in the direction that was leading to the eventual irreversible loss of the gene-pool of the bulldog as a viable breed, selfishly put their own personal vested interests – prestige, champion status, and profits from studs and puppies - before those of the bulldog’s health, welfare and survival. For this I must declare my utter contempt.


In my next analysis, I shall look briefly at stated aims and actual activities of the South African Bulldog Club.

I am not going behind anyone's back regarding any of the postings here. All affected parties have a right to reply. All local bulldog breeders of which I am aware have been apprised of the existence of this post by e-mail and are welcome to respond, provided that this remains factual and reliably documented, which are the only acceptable standard being permitted on this thread.

Yours sincerely

Stuart Thomson

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Tue Nov 23 2010, 09:30PM

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Hello Bulldog Lovers

Please educate yourself via the most detailed crash-course on Bulldog health problems available in the world today, absolutely free, just download here:



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Fri Dec 31 2010, 07:14PM

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Before I proceed to expose the double-standards of the South African Bulldog Club as scheduled, seeing as today marks the first anniversary of my knowledge of and opposition to the KUSA moratorium on implementation of the Revised Bulldog Breed Standard, already official in the U.K. since October 2009, I would like to spend a little more time exposing the apparent ignorance of and callous attitude towards the welfare of bulldogs by the Mrs Julia van Rooyen (Roseneath Bulldogs), Chairlady of the South African Bulldog Club (SABC).

Julia’s text appears in
purple. My comments appear in black and my interjections in brackets.
In the July 2008 Souvenir Edition of their Club magazine, ‘Holdfast’ (which show bulldogs paradoxically are unlikely to be capable of), Julia van Rooyen, in her Editorial (taken from her speech to members and guests at the SABC Centenary Championship Show), wrote as follows:

“The torch is now being handed over to the new generation (just as the ship is sinking I might add) to carry forward and build on the foundations laid by those of yesteryear...”

Please excuse me, but I need to interject at this critical point. As it turns out, this foundation was unsound and about to collapse the very next month in an international furore over the diabolical diseased status of pedigree dogs, with the BBC, the RSPCA, the Dogs Trust and the sponsors - Pedigree and others withdrawing from the world famous Crufts Dog Show after 44-years, over the unhealthy state of the Bulldog in particular, amongst other breeds to be exhibited at the Show. The above sentence continued:

“… and to continue doing so and fulfil the ‘objectives of the Club’, i.e. ‘improving the quality of dogs being bred’ and ‘observing the standard closely’, of passing on your knowledge (Heaven forbid) to newcomers in the breed, to judges and aspirant judges and to become breed specialist judges yourself and to ensure that Championship shows of our breed at Specialist Club level continue into the next century.”

There you have it, totally in denial over the critical state of the Bulldog at their hand, pontificating about knowledge, specialist judges and specialised clubs, whereas they actually have no true knowledge of any significance and specialise only in breeding, exhibiting, judging and administering examples of the Bulldog breed that are so afflicted with debilitating genetic diseases, that international welfare authorities want to ban showing of the Bulldog in an effort to save it from further deterioration and suffering at the hands of the likes Julia van Rooyen, specialist clubs like the SA Bulldog Club and registration administrators like the KUSA.

In a piece titled: ‘It’s What’s Up Front That Counts’, Julia, apparently highly perplexed, laments as follows:

“Good fronts are hard to find, hard to breed and hard to hold onto. What we consider to be bad fronts, in fact seem to be what is dominant. If good fronts were easy to breed, there would be many more with this desirable characteristic. Rather it appears that a good front is a recessive characteristic difficult to gain in one’s breeding program, but easy to lose.”


What does this lament reveal and why do Julia and her ilk not just not ‘get it? How could such an unnatural characteristic possibly be desirable, when clearly nature tries its very best to disallow it and is thwarted only by the equally unnatural act of strict line-breeding, which required to afford nature no way out other than to reproduce the genetic mutations over and over again, until the strict lineage is broken and the trait is lost in accordance with nature’s wiser innate sense of what is best for survival of that species.


Sadly sometimes the ignorance and stupidity of breeders who deliberately artificially constrain the gene pool and select to fix exaggeration mutations, also permanently fix gross deformities such as the achondroplastic skeleton and brachycephalic head, which now afflicts all bulldogs to a life-threatening and quality-of-life-destroying degree, especially in show dogs and to the point that these are now excused, in fact are even celebrated, as breed characteristics. The ultimate insult to bulldogs themselves, must surely be that they are then awarded accolades that in turn reward their owners for having committed these very crimes against them.


Today however, veterinary science and animal welfare interests have identified and documented these atrocities, albeit far too late to prevent the untold damage that has caused bulldogs to suffer a wretchedly low degree of health and quality of life and are thankfully finally condemning and reigning-in these ill-conceived haphazard biological experiments that have brought bulldogs, more than any other species, to the brink of biological extinction. If the victims were human, the perpetrators would have been brought to book for acts of genocide and infanticide, but in this case they all get off scot-free, other than receiving an exposé and keypad-lashing from me.

I have demonstrated in detail in my Gaia Bulldog Report and two recent e-mail thread Bulldog Debate lectures, that bulldogs have been seriously out of conformation with the hallowed breed standard since circa 1880, a mere five-years after the adoption of the breed standard that was expressly written by the Bulldog Club that was formed to preserve the then already under-threat traditional old bulldog from further breed outcrosses and selection for unnatural exaggerations. Now, after 130 years of having thwarted the original Standard, they want to uphold their pathological interpretation of it at all costs so as to avoid an unambiguous revised version devised to eliminate the misinterpretations that have nearly destroyed the breed.

Julia and George van Rooyen have been Committee Members of the SA Bulldog Club since 1972. I pain to think of all the harm done by them to Bulldogs in this country over this period, given their state of ignorance and pursuit of patently false show accolades these past 40+years that have been awarded by equally ignorant, if not corrupt judges, to the monstrosities emanating from their Roseneath Kennels to a ready market so deliberately created.


By way of further insight into this local version of an international tragedy of epidemic proportions, consider Julia’s comments in the recent international publication ‘The World of Bulldogs’ (BBPress, 2010), edited by Bas Bosch, and in which Mrs van Rooyen self-serves as the South Africa correspondent, in what is essentially a numbing trumpet-blowing advertorial for her own interests, and I quote (through Bernice Leroy, the writer of the text, titled “Roseneath: Beautiful blossoms, a few thorns”):

Q. What does Julia van Rooyen place priority on when judging Bulldogs?

Before I provide Julia’s answer, note how, against all common sense, let alone a sense of fair play, Julia and her Husband George van Rooyen are also Bulldog judges, supporting my suspicions, at worse of a ‘Bulldog Mafia’ controlling the show bulldog operations in this country and at best, a clearly inappropriately cosy breeder / exhibitor / judge / administrator 'I scratch your back if you scratch mine' relationship that tends to reward the main role-players with highly valued challenge certificates and other desirable accolades, leading eventually to the desired champions for the difficult to breach upper hierarchy. Lest I entirely digress into another subject, let me return to Julia’s answer.

A. Julia van Rooyen “Believes that no awards should be made if a Bulldog is lame; has entropion or ectropion; does not have a roach back; has straight stifles, wry jaw, lack of spring in the rib, shallow brisket, narrow chest or shoulders not correctly tacked on; shows signs of respiratory distress; or lacks the correct wide front movement together with the ‘ice-skaters’ rear movement, which produces the necessary Bulldog ‘roll’.”  

Ironically, as I have demonstrated, apparently unbeknown to van Rooyen and their ilk, prior to my ‘Gaia Bulldog Report’, practically all awarded dogs and bitches suffer from severe achondroplasia – including several debilitating skeletal deformities – as a direct result of ongoing breeding for several exaggerations, yet these animals are almost exclusively awarded clearly fraudulent favourable judgements, that all other things being equal, would favour such a seriously diseased animal, easily identified by their short forelegs and especially also a screw-tail, unfairly over an animal not so afflicted and hence, utterly ludicrously, considered to be inferior to the aforementioned cripples.

Q. What are Julia van Rooyen’s views on the UK changes to the breed standard?

Julia van Rooyen “Concedes some good points (un-stated), but in the main the changes are ‘unacceptable’ because the 59 changes give a complete makeover and results in a different breed. This (she says) is no longer the English Bulldog which is as much part of England as is the London Skyline and the Beefeaters”.

This is where the previous ignorance and now post-Gaia Bulldog Report informed hypocrisy becomes starkly evident. Apparently the ‘illegitimate makeover’ of the bulldog by ignorant and selfish breeders, judges and administrators over the past 130-years is perfectly acceptable to Julia, presumably for its rich rewards, albeit at the expense of the dog’s and bitch’s health and welfare.


Conversely, the recently instituted ‘legitimate makeover’ by the U.K. Kennel Club, as the international owner’s and administrator’s of their country’s native dog, and hence the only authority over the Bulldog Breed Standard, via the 60 amendment Revised Standard, to finally put a stop to these mentioned perverse unnatural exaggerations, ultimately so damaging to the health and welfare of the bulldogs themselves, is somehow ‘unacceptable’ to this ignorant and/or prize bitch and her ilk.  *See ‘Bulldog Mafia’ below.

A2. Julia van Rooyen “There is still discussion as to whether South Africa will follow the UK or establish their own Breed Council in order to retain the Bulldog as we know it. This is the line George and Julia will be pursuing. Until then, they will wait it out with breeding and continue showing their youngsters.”

A link on the van Rooyen’s Roseneath Kennels website inviting visitors to “Read about the changes to the Bulldog Breed standard” leads to a SA Bulldog Club page titled
THE PROPOSED CHANGES TO THE UK KC's BULLDOG BREED STANDARD’ and an empty page there-under. There is no information, no remorse for the harm already inflicted in ignorance upon generations of bulldogs, just happy in the security bubble afforded by their moratorium on any changes and to hell with all else, including the health and welfare of the bulldogs whilst practically the rest of the Bulldog world, led by England, whose native dog has been nearly destroyed, are making amends by implementing these long-overdue changes, considered ‘unacceptable’ by the likes of Julia van Rooyen.


*The Bulldog Mafia comprise primarily of the upper hierarchies of the SA Bulldog Club, Millennium Bulldog Club and Northern Transvaal Bulldog Club, with some other provincial clubs co-operating when the stakes are high for all concerned, as was the case with the Moratorium on the implementation of the Revised Bulldog Breed Standard. Memberships of the clubs overlap significantly, so as to ensure that the top guy’s interests dominate and control proceedings of the main bulldog shows and also of administrative matters.


*Prominent members include Julia and George van Rooyen (Roseneath); Hendrik van der Merwe, Roy Williams & Fritz Wolmerans (Mervander Bulldogs); Frans and Anne Muller (Wolgemuth Bulldogs); Des Hannibal, Lorna Lawlor, Margaret Bevan, Carina van der Merwe and Kitty Pieterse - all in collusion with KUSA President, Greg Eva, and chief Judge and spin-doctor, Neil Kay. This is introductory and I will elaborate on further liaisons in due course.


*By way of example of how such a small clique can impose their will on others, consider how at the District of Gauteng and Surrounds Provincial Council meeting in April 2009, the changing of Breed Standards by the U.K. Kennel Club was dealt with by resolving amongst themselves to propose that the KUSA implement a moratorium (waiting period) before introducing any changes to South African Breed Standards. Having got wind of this, I have failed to date, against all logic and legal considerations to the contrary, to prevent this selfish moratorium.  So organised and connected are these scumbags through the clubs, councils, committees and judges to the KUSA that such an awful position, dashing all hope of urgent reform, so critical to bulldog health and welfare, still stands.


*By this undemocratic means, a few individuals, using multiple organised shell groups ostensibly existing as independent bulldog clubs, and without consulting the vast majority of bulldog owners in this country not so represented, managed to secure their investments in their long-suffering, diseased, mercenarily lucrative show bulldogs for an extended illegitimate term of 3-years, in violation of the U.K. Kennel Club’s legitimate attempts finally to internationally reform, on health and welfare grounds, the Bulldog Breed Standard, which they own and administer as the legitimate canine authority of their native dog and hence of that breed around the world. In the final analysis, these callous individuals and their yet un-named collaborators, whilst hypocritically professing their love for the bulldog that has so faithfully served their perverted ends, deny their breed a lifeline in its first year of hope in more than a century without any concerted voice raising their interests.


Sincerely, for the Bulldogs


Stuart Thomson

Postscript. If anyone objects to any of the above, which has been brought to the attention of those mentioned herein, on grounds of matters of fact, then you are requested to post that objection or correction to the forum or to contact the author with the aim of correcting such matter(s).

Conversely, if anyone wishes to add any matter of fact having a bearing on the above matters, then you are likewise requested post this information to the forum or contact the author with a view to adding such information for the public record. 


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Mon Jan 03 2011, 09:26PM

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In my previous post, I quoted Julia van Rooyen as follows:

A. Julia van Rooyen
“Believes that no awards should be made if a Bulldog is lame; has entropion or ectropion; does not have a roach back; has straight stifles, wry jaw, lack of spring in the rib, shallow brisket, narrow chest or shoulders not correctly tacked on; shows signs of respiratory distress; or lacks the correct wide front movement together with the ‘ice-skaters’ rear movement, which produces the necessary Bulldog ‘roll’.”  

I cannot allow Julia's ignorance to get off so lightly, so I add additional comment as follows:

Whilst I agree with disqualifying lame dogs, I do nevertheless need to point out to Julia and other breeders and judges, that all short legged fake bulldogs are technically 'lame'. The word 'lame' is defined as "Disabled by injury or defect in a limb, limping or unable to walk normally". The degree to which a bulldog is lame is quite significant and can be determined by simply comparing their gait with that of longer legged dogs, including real Bulldogs.

On the subject of the related themes of lameness and
"necessary Bulldog ‘roll’ ", consider the following extracts:

“Lameness, detected as limp will usually be more exaggerated in a trot than at a walk. The tail will also be an indication of lameness in the hind-limbs: rather than swinging from side to side as in the normal dog, it will move up and down with the up motion occurring when the injured extremity contacts the ground. When examining the dog, it is important that the dog is moved in a circle, both clockwise and counterclockwise, and walked backwards.

In the domestic dog, great differences in anatomical conformation can be seen when comparing the achondroplastic dwarf. The broad chest of the bulldog suggests a wide stance in the front legs but not necessarily in the rear legs. Most dogs stand squarely over their forelegs and hindlegs at rest and during walking.

Increased speed changes gait, giving less support and therefore the legs move toward the center of mass, which is directly below the body. Single tracking is used by dogs to decrease the lateral oscillations of the body and provide continual support of the center of mass. Wide-set bulldogs with low centers of gravity cannot single track. These dogs normally move with a pronounced lateral roll of the body that is abnormal in dogs with longer limbs."


(D Nunamaker & P Blaumer, ”Normal and Abnormal Gait”, in C Newton & D Numaker (Eds), Textbook of Small Animal Orthopaedics, IVIS, 1985)

Unfortunately in the bulldog show arena, bulldogs are too vrot to trot and hence all but the worst or acute injury related lameness is likely to be detected, even though lameness is now practically artificially endemic in bulldogs, as witnessed by Julia’s insistence on the presence of this pathology, the absence of which is punishable by disqualification of award by a judge so ignorantly biased. Additionally, bulldogs today rarely have tails other than a tightly screwed up ball blocking their anus, ruling out another means of visual detection of lameness.

So what we have caught Julia doing here, along with all the other ignorant Bulldog Judges, is to be not really looking for health problems and awarding penalties accordingly, but rather to be stupidly rewarding the pathological over the normal. Is it any wonder that the Bulldog is lined up for banning from the bench and ultimately biological extinction?

To single out a wry jaw for disqualification in a bulldog is equally as ludicrous when the entire upper jaw is so deformed as to render the dog incapable of biting and chewingTo quote from my Gaia Bulldog Report: 

"The under-hanging jaw in the bulldog, deserving to be called a ‘monstrosity’, increased and fixed by man’s selection.” (Charles Darwin, ‘The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication’, Vol. 1, Lond, 1875)


“The jaws in the bulldog are deformed and poorly suitedf or biting.”  (Stockard C, ‘The genetic and endocrine basis for differences in form and behaviour as elucidated by studies of contrasted pure-line dog breeds and their hybrids, Am Anat Mem, No. 19, 1941)


“Brachygnathism (Bulldog head). The excess of soft tissue in proportion to the size of the upper jaw and brachyfacial area may cause a variety of clinical conditions.” (Fox M, ‘Developmental Abnormalities of the Canine Skull’, Can J Comp Med Vet Sci, 27(9), 1963)


“The bulldog is cruelly malformed. The bulldog of the early nineteenth century had a moderately foreshortened muzzle. Its jaw was undershot, but although the occlusion of its splayed teeth was disrupted, at least it had a functioning set of jaws.” (Keith Stewart Thomson, ‘The Fall and Rise of the English Bulldog’, American Scientist, 84(3), May-June, 1996)

There you have it, silly fool. If far more serious related criteria listed are considered to their logical conclusion, then all show bulldogs ought correctly to be disqualified. To list the frivolous to the exclusion of the shocking realities, as Julia has attempted to do, is so utterly ludicrous, that this twit should not be breeding, let alone be judging. It is an undeniable fact that practically all show bulldogs suffer from respiratory stress, so how is it that any have become champions if they so obviously suffer from this condition? Oh yes, forgiveness! If the bulldog survives walking and sitting whilst being judged without suffering fatal respiratory failure, he or she must be healthy enough to compete. Just don't ask the poor wretched thing to trot! That would be too revealing and potentially fatal!

This type of behaviour results in incentivised perpetuation of pathological breeding and if practiced in human society, would attract active pursuit with an end to criminal prosecution akin to Nazi war crimes and hence ought not to be condoned on the basis of affording animals a lesser status than humans.


Stuart Thomson

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That sounds good. Any thing but the same shit over again.

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