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Mange in Ridge back.
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Tue Apr 06 2010, 11:32AM
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My ridgeback has been diagosed with mange and put on antibiotics.
he has to receive a series of injections for six weeks.
i think it is called dermadectic mange.
it has got to dowith his immune system.
can anyone advise what multivitamin I can get for him to boost his immune system.

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Sat Apr 17 2010, 09:04PM

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Virtually all dogs are born with demodectic mange mites (Demodex spp.) on them. They get infected in the uterus. Most dogs have a natural immunity against the mites and live happily with them without losing much hair. Some dogs, like yours, seem to lose their immunity against the mites, so the mites start breeding like crazy and invade the hair follicles. Then the hair starts falling out. If there are only a few bald patches, the condition often goes away by itself as the pup's immune system kicks in. If the immune system is very weak you may get generalised demodectic mange which has to be treated. I use a weekly injection of Doramectin (Dectomax) with great success. Sometimes the Demodex mites carry bacteriae into the hair follicles which causes a secondary pyoderma (Bacterial skin disease) Then antibiotics need to be given for at least one month. I also use Preventic collars (click here) in conjunction with the injections.

There are no vitamins necessary to improve the immunity. The Dectomax injections fulfill that function.

A case of severe demodectic mange (demodecosis)

The Demodex mite under a microscope

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