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Article about Resveratrol
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Sun Mar 07 2010, 03:43PM

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During the middle of January 2009 the Carte Blanche programme on MNet in South Africa featured an interview with an Australian scientist about a substance that may prolong life in humans, prevent or treat diabetes, cancer and heart attacks! Being on the wrong side of 70, I naturally became quite interested and so I did quite a bit of research on this fascinating subject.

In 2003 a scientist Dr McLean at Harvard University discovered a "longevity gene" (SIRT1)  and then went on to discover that the gene gets "switched on" by a substance found in the skin and seeds of red grapes called resveratrol. This seemed to explain the so-called French Paradox which have been puzzling medical scientists for years. (The fact that French people who drink red wine on a regular basis and eat quite fatty foods do not suffer half as many heart attacks as Americans). Dr McLean obviously knew he was onto something big, so he formed a company "Sirtis" to investigate the possibility of manufacturing synthetic resveratrol and obviously patent and distribute it. Soon a large drug company bought out Sirtis for $750 000.

There are a few interesting facts and some disturbing thoughts about this transaction: if it is true that resveratrol can prolong life, treat and prevent cardiac disease, treat obesity, erectile dysfunction, prevent and treat cancer and alleviate osteo-arthritis and goodness knows what else, imagine what this one drug could do to the sales of drugs presently used for all these different conditions! The effect on profits of major drug companies would be devastating. If you had the best interests (read profits) of your share-holders at heart, wouldn't you buy out a company that may conceivably produce a drug that would replace virtually your whole arsenal of drugs?

Of course resveratrol is a "natural" substance which can be classed as a nutritional supplement and as such cannot be patented. The moment the resveratrol story hit the headlines, all sorts of "resveratrol" products became available on the market. Dosages range from 12mg per day to 1000mg per day. Each product has its adherents and if you simply google "resveratrol" you'll see lots of people telling you why their product is the best. Through research I've discovered the following:

1. Resveratrol is fairly easily oxidised when exposed to the air, so it makes sense to use methods to produce capsules containing resveratrol extracts that would minimise oxidation.

2. Nobody really knows what the correct dosage of resveratrol should be for humans. By extrapolating the dosage used in the original experiments on mice, many people say the dosage has to be extremely high. As a veterinarian I can tell you that this is a dangerous assumption. Take for instance the dosage of morphine in a dog: if you extrapolate the dosage for a small dog and give a human the same dosage per Kilogram, your unfortunate human patient would be stone dead within a very short time. Recently scientists working on the dosage of resveratrol found that much lower doses (in the region of 12mg per day or twice daily) were sufficient to get the desired results in humans.

3. There are no double blind placebo type studies available on large numbers of humans to say that resveratrol has any of the desirable effects found at cellular level and on laboratory animals. It is interesting to note though that every scientist in the field as well as their family and friends are taking resveratrol regularly!

So what would you rather do: a. wait until the large drug companies produce a synthetic product, thoroughly tested over many years on thousands of volunteers and in the end probably for very good business reasons may decide that the results were negative; or b. take one or two capsules of natural resveratrol a day from now on in the knowledge that it may not work, but that all indications are that it will indeed work for an amazing array of ailments and conditions and that, furthermore, it is totally without any side-effects or toxixity.

I know which course of action I would choose. For this reason I've looked for a product that, during the manufacturing process, is not exposed to oxygen and has a capsule of 12mg at a reasonable price. I found such a product: It's called Resvantage and I've been taking it for over a year now. They also produce Resvantage for dogs and cats, so naturally I've been giving a daily dose to our Golden Retriever Amber as well

If you are interested in knowing more and would like to buy Resvantage online please click here.

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