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A "New" threat to dogs with Poisoned Dog Food?
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Thu Apr 28 2011, 06:39PM

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In the last few days some alarmist news items filled the press and TV news channels about a "new" threat to dogs because of poisonous dog food. To place all the hype in perspective:

Only one obscure brand of dogfood (unnamed as yet) has been found to contain Aflatoxin which causes yellow jaundice, bleeding tendencies, vomiting and sometimes death in dogs. THis is not a new phenomenon. Maize meal is often contaminated by Aflatoxin which is produced by a black fungus growing on the maize either before harvesting or in storage.

Because this particular problem is confined to one not very well-known brand of dogfood, there is absolutely no reason to panic or to resort to feeding "home cooked" food.

All premium dog foods like Eukanuba, Hills, Ultradog Premium and Royal Canin contain a minimal amout of maize meal. (The main ingredient is usually chicken) so, if you are feeding any of the brands mentioned your dogs are SAFE!

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Wed Mar 20 2013, 09:53AM
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are feeding any of the brands mentioned your dogs are SAFE!

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