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Tomarctus SA
Sun Apr 11 2010, 02:27PM
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AGE @ 1-3 weeks:

NEEDS : Warmth, mom, food, sleep, touch from mother
MENTAL CAPACITY : Smell, touch only
COMMENTS : Handling by humans is important, but not as important as mom - eyes

AGE @ 3rd week

NEEDS : Warmth, food, sleep, mother, touch, begins weaning, de-worming starts
MENTAL CAPACITY : Senses function, some awareness of other puppies & some humans
COMMENTS : A critical period, introduction of humans and other pack members, can see and hear, rudimentary socialization starts by exposure to various noises, people, gentle children and animals.

AGE @ 4th week

NEEDS : Attempts at mobility, when chilled will sleep in a pile or by mother, will attempt to imitate mom to drink water and eat
MENTAL CAPACITY : Awareness of other puppies, some primitive ranking and vocalization, movement is sporadic and uncoordinated
COMMENTS : A general awareness of the rest of the world. A good time to introduce more household noises, begins to find a place in the pecking order, learns to compete with littermates - with malamutes lots of growling and attempts to even "stand" over littermates instinctively goes on.

AGE @ 5th week

NEEDS : Mobility better, escapes from a low whelping box, exploration begins, eating soft solid food
MENTAL CAPACITY : Response to vocalization, some ability to recognize individual humans
TRAINABILITY : Developing awareness, trying to keep sleeping area clean now that they are mobile
COMMENTS : First awareness of the difference between humans and dogs, gentle corrections by breeder/owner may be necessary if play begins to get too rough. Beginning to notice the rest of the world. Will react with emotion and interest when presented with new smells, views, surfaces. Enjoy eating closely supervised adult dogs in household.

AGE @ 6th week

NEEDS : Excellent mobility, usually completely weaned, either voluntarily with mom's insistence, visit to the Vet for Vaccinations & de-worming
MENTAL CAPACITY : Beginning to play, very mobile, return to mom for comfort and rest often
TRAINABILITY : Very imprintable but sensitive, mom stops cleaning up after pups
COMMENTS : Exposure to new experiences, emerging personalities. Curious and energetic. Sleep much of the time however.

Age @ 7th week

NEEDS : Beginning to be aware of other dogs in the pack, learning manners and respect for adult dogs and people
MENTAL CAPACITY : Supervised play and exploration, discipline by mom and pack members
TRAINABILITY : Learning to respect authority, can play simple games, very watchful (but not respectful) of adult dogs in household
COMMENTS : Personality develops further, good time to expose to more situations, noises, safe environments. Building confidence and have established a rudimentary pecking order in the puppy pack with respect for adult dogs and human

AGE @ 8th week

NEEDS : Continued human and dog socialization, play with children (supervised)
MENTAL CAPACITY : Development of confidence, electrical brain activity is recordable, able to bond with humans
TRAINABILITY : Able to respect authority, learn simple behavior such as come, no, sit - housebreaking and leash training can begin, learning manners from adult dogs
COMMENTS : First apparent stubborness in some pups (especially with leash training). Personality reliable and more predictable, conformation easier to determine.

Johan Mostert
Tomarctus SA Alaskan Malamutes
KUSA Accredited Breeders - 12 years

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