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At the beach: 'Thellotjie, Shuki (all black) and Shyla (brown & white).

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Lazy Sunday

Technically, it's Monday, March 15th already - 00:48am, but for everyone in RSA it's 6 hours earlier. So it's still Sunday, ok!

It's been a kind of lazy Sunday; waking up slowly, then changing tempo dramatically when the dogs joined us for their Sunday morning treat - family bed! Paws and jaws and fur and three wriggly heaps playing the blankie (blanket) game. No room for papa...

Promises of "fish floss" (dried fish jerky NOT biltong) got them out eventually and down to the first floor to the kitchen where the 3 girls sat as quietly as their waggy tails and bums allowed them.
'Thellotjie (we originally thought she was a boy dog when we picked her up from the vegetable market one night) our black drama queen (Othello) looked around to compare her share of the food with the others' as usual. She's a very jealous one...

The curtains in the lounge were opened. This is one of the dogs most important morning rituals: they have their own couch (Smurfie, cos it's BLUE!) right under the windows, and it makes a perfect perch from which to observe the goings on in our gated community; like barking madly at "Niao-niao Gong-Gong" (rough translation from Chinese: Grandfather Piss) who has left his house to water the neighbours hedge...!!! Ughhh

Shyla, the eldest of our rescue dogs (she's 5) wore her "Nobody Loves Me Even Though I'm A Princess" look for most of the morning, and no amount of lovies could change it.
Shuki, the youngest at 3, and also the biggest (but she doesn't seem to have realised this yet!) did her "upside-down" dog routine: Bum in the air, face planted in the couch! to cheer up Shyla, but not even that could bring on a smile.
'Thellotjie just ignored the situation since she has serious aspirations of becoming ALPHA FEMALE and taking notice of her competitor would indicate that she really does have a heart... And THAT would not do!

All in all, just another normal Sunday.
The wife and I left for an afternoon drive and enjoyed waffles and fries made of sweet potatoes at a small restaurant in the mountains north-east of us. I saw some stunning moths, butterflies and spiders and tried to capture them on film.

When we returned home, we did the "prodigal parents return act" ; we plonked down on Smurfie, and let the girls have a smell fest.

Otis our Persian-cross cat (we rescued him from a local petshop and spent almost R1000 doctoring him back to health!)timed his homecoming with the kettle being switched on. Since he is the King and Master of the Universe, he was fed quickly (this has more to do with the fact that he doesn't stop asking for food very LOUDLY in his very special "Bottles of Beer On the Wall" fashion.)

The whole family pegged out in the lounge after dinner and we watched some TV, did some Chinese studies, and surfed the internet.

If the weather holds we will go to the beach tomorrow morning.

Good night all.
Ps. Pics will follow when I've figured out how to load them

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