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Good day
Please help with my bullie.
We have a light brown and white bullie, who has developed a skin sore on the base of his back and the top of his tail.
We were told it was from flees but we have tried to keep them flee free with sprays and tablets.
The sore was almost like a pimple that has got bigger and bigger. The sore patches are bald.
I have tried everything from tea tree oil to zambuk, bactraban, homemade grannies remedy everything.
I even bought a stretch bandage to bind the sore on his back with gauze and cream but his manly part gets in the way.
Unfortunately we get the sores to stop weeping and dry out but then they crack and bleed again.
Although we have a very good vet here in town, finding one that loves Bullies is testing.
Are there any drugs I can buy over the counter without having to spend a small fortune for every visit.
Many thanks

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