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Amber and Skype


I've often wondered whether Amber (our Golden Retriever) can actually see the images that appear on the computer screen. Yesterday I discovered that she definitely can! My daughter Talita was talking to me on Skype when she spotted Amber next to me. She immediately said "Hello Amber" Amber stared at the screen and started to wag her tail furiously. When Talita said "Hello Amber" again, Amber became very excited and started running all over the room. I then asked Amber to show Talita her toy. She promptly went to fetch one of her toys. When she came back into the room with the toy, she came close to the computer with it - as if to show it to the person she could see on the screen. If that isn't proof enough that she CAN see what's on the screen, then I don't know what is!

Amber and Skype | Comments (4) | Rating: not rated | Monday 10 May 2010 - 18:40:42