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Cold nights

So Pretoria was recently racked with some very cold weather. It was time to get out all the blankets, buy more blankets, find a place with gas bottles in stock and stay at home where its warm. Both of the cats went into hibernation mode as soon as they felt the cold. I promise you they do nothing but sleep.

Boy has a few screws loose. A heater that switched off, never mind, he just sleeps on the tiles in front of it, 'cause it's on'. He has also become my adopted hot water bottle. Very warm at six in the morning.

Bolla is still a fur ball. She prefers the warmth of the various blankets I mentioned and also the afternoon sun that fills the living room. I will upload photos of this later, meaning when I actually find the USB adapter. -cats= ahh, plaything-


So I escaped the house, and braved the freezing weather to get into the soccer spirit at the closet mall. Kitted out in my America gear, Vuvuzela and face paint, I got some pretty funny stares from some people. I even got welcomed to South Africa. Yes, I'm not a native South African, but I have been living here long enough. So the vibe is amazing and I just love all the foreign people appearing. Specially when they try and breach the language barrier.


Back to the pets. Currently and actively looking for a dog to adopt, but proving difficult. They all so cute and sweet. No, I'm not going the pure breed route. Wetnose has more than enough cute mutts looking for homes. Reason for a dog is that cats don't make the best running partners. confused.png Will keep everyone updated on the dog hunting and the crazy cat behaviour. The photos will arrive when -plaything- appears.

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Introductions to the pets

I have two cats. One that plays Jingle Bells every five minutes and a hair ball PersianX. Lets just mention that the hair ball doesn't have many brain cells, and will befriend a hamster (it did happen) rather than eat it.

My Jingle Bells cat, is a Russian Blue (we suspect) male named Boy. The reason for the Jingle Bells...5 bells on his collar to deter the bird and field mouse catching habit. However. the bells don't sound so good at 2 in the morning when you're trying to sleep. Then come's the couch scratching...How I wish the dog didn't pass on. The way that Corgi stopped the couch scratching. shy.png


The hair ball, is Persian X Siamese (another suspect) female named Bolla. Also mentioned is the lack of smarts. This cat will look at a leaf for 5 minutes and then "kill" it. Funny, not when it\'s Autumn and your're raking up the leaves. She's also prone to running into glass doors and walking into other people's houses. She has the sweetest habit of drinking water out of a dripping tap in my bath, and strikes a pose during photo ops.


Okay so now that introductions over, I actually have to admit that I'm more of a horse person, but I love my two crazily deranged cats...A lot.



Bolla. The hair ball


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