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The Wonderfull World Of My Lovely Pets

The Bond That Ended Up Stronger Then Mother And Child

I Had Just Got A Couple More Additions To What I Called My Extended Family (My Small Animals) When My Brother Became Very Jealous And Made It Clear He Wanted A Pet Of His Own.. My Parents Agreed And He Decided On Getting A Kitten.

We Started Looking For Ads In Local Newspapers Etc When My Friend Text Me And Told Me Her Cousins Cat Had Given Birth To A Litter A Few Weeks Before, On Hearing I Took My Brother Round And We Was Shown A Little Black And White Bundle Of Fur I Immediately Fell In Love Unknown To My Brother, He Agreed He Would Take The Kitten And In The Weeks That Followed As We Waited For It To Be Weaned I Was Going Round Constantly As It Was After All My Friends Cousins. The Kitten Followed Me Everywhere Whilst I Was There And I Got Told When I Left It Cried For Hours For Me..

Then The Day Arrived When We Could Take It Home At The Time We Was Told It Was A Girl So My Brother Named It Sheena He Hated Me Going Anywhere Near The Kitten So I Would Wait Until He Went Out And Sneak The Cat Into My Room..

A Few Weeks After My Brother Got The Cat I Started Losing Members Of My Extended Family They Was Hamsters At The End Of The Day And They Don't Have A Long Life Span On This Happening I Began Spending More Time With The Kitten Which Was When I Realized That She Was Actually A He So Between Me And My Brother We Named Him Felix..

For Months After I Lost More Of My Animals And Spent More And More Time With The Kitten, My Brother Was Getting Annoyed As Felix Would Attack Him For No Reason And Wouldn't Let Him Anywhere Near Whereas When I Was With Felix He Was Calm And Would Sleep In My Arms..

After My Brother Had Had Felix For About 9 Months His Friends Cat Had Kittens Only One Survived And He Fell In Love With It They Had The Same Bond Me And Felix Had.. My Brother Realized He Could Never Break The Bond Between The Cat And Me So He Decided To Hand The Care Over To Me And He Managed To Get The Kitten Off His Friend..

On Getting Felix Finally I Was Overjoyed I Spoilt Him Rotten Every Oppurtunity I Got He Calmed Down And Began Following Me Everywhere It Got To The Point Where I Bought A Harness And Lead So He Could Come With Me To The Local Shops And Because He Had A Mad Craze For Attacking Dogs No Matter The Size Or Breed He Went For Them And Won..

5 Days Before My 18th Birthday My Mum Came Into My Room And Woke Me Up Early I Knew I Had Work But I Immediately Realized Something Was Wrong It Was Way To Early And She Sat On My Bed Putting Her Arms Round Me Then I Heard The Words The Words That Would Break My Heart ''I'm Sorry Felix Is Dead'' I Just Stared At Her In Shock Tears Streaming Then Began Screaming At Her Saying She Was Lying I Wish She Would Have Been But She Wasn't I Had Only Had Him A Year After Spending A Year Wanting Him And I Lost Him He Had Been Run Over Dispite The Fact It Was Getting Light And He Had A Reflective Collar On..

I Got Up And Still Went To Work Knowing Keeping Myself Busy Would Help.. After Work My Brother Insisted On Looking For Another Cat For Me He Knew It Would Never Replace Felix But He Knew I Couldn't Live Without An Animal Of My Own, So We Went To The Local Pet Stores & The Animal Shelter But I Got No Connection With Any Of The Cats Shown To Me It Was Only On Arriving Home My Brother Rembered Someone His Friend Knew Had A Cat That Had Given Birth So He Took Me Up, The Kittens Were 3 And A Half Weeks Old And There Was Only 2 Left A White One With Grey Markings And A Grey One With White Markings I Immediately Fell In Love With The White And Grey One That Is Mistrie Who I Have Wrote An Entry About..

On Telling My Dad About The Kittens He Insisted On Having The Other Kitten That Is Rocky Who Has An Entry..

But Back To Whom This Entry Is For, Felix.. The Cat That In My Eyes Will Always Be My Best Boy.. R.I.P. Felix Gone But Never Forgotten.. Always In My Heart.. I Miss You So Much :'( The Day I Lost You Was The Day My World Became Dark And Empty I'd Do Anything To Have You Back



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Introduction To Rocky (The Family Cat)

Well What To Say About This Fiesty One

First Off He Is Infact Mistries Brother So Of The Same Age As They Was From The Same Litter

He Is Mostly Grey With A Few White Markings

Worst Part About Him Is He Is Very Timid We Have Tried Everything We Can Think Of But He Still Can't Stay Still For More Then 30 Seconds And Wont Let Anyone Near Him Willingly (Any Suggestions Please Send Them My Way)

Most Annoying Thing About Him Is He Will Attack For No Reason Youngster Or No It Is No Playing With Him He Wants Bllod And He Gets It

Cutest Part About Him Would Be That When He Gets Excited Or Is Really Happy His Tail Bushes Out And He Gets A Ridge On His Back That Is Totally Adorable

Cleverist Thing About Him Is He Can Play Catch And Fetch If You Throw His Favourite Toy Up In The Air For Him He Will Jump Up And Catch It With His Front Paws Then Place It In His Mouth And Bring It Back To You

His Favourite Thing Would Be Chocolate And Like His Sisters Addiction To Crisps He Will Get It At Any Cost And No Matter Who Is Holding It In His Eyes It's His

So Yeah I Think That Just About Sums Him Up.. Complete Opposite From His Sister ?? Yes Indeed He Is

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Introduction To Mistrie (My Cat)

So Where To Begin With My Monster

Well She Is 2 Years And 3 Months Old (Yet Still Acts Like A 2 Month Old)

She Is White With Wonderfull Grey Markings

Her Favourite Thing Would Actually Be Crisps No Matter Who Is Holding Them To Her There Hers And She Will Do Anything In Her Power To Get Hold Of Them (Yes I Do Literaly Mean Anything)

Her Worst Habit Would Be Ripping Wallpaper (Some May Find Amusing) She Has Stripped All My Border Paper From Every Wall In My Room And Seemed Very Happy With Herself Once She Had Done It

The Most Annoying Thing About Her Is When You Lay On Your Front She Will Get On Your Back And Lie Down Digging Her Claws Deep Into Your Skin And Refuses To Move

The Cutest Thing About Her Is She Is Actually Like A Baby Though Most Cats Would Refuse To Lay On There Backs In The Arms Of There Owner She Enjoys It (No Joke) She Also Enjoys Having A Shower And Will Just Lay Wrapped Up In A Towel Afterwards

The Clever Thing About Her Is She Can Be Trained To Do A Few Tricks Not Many But A Few When Told 'Up' She Will Jump Up And Headbut Your Hand If You Hold It Low Enough For Her To Reach, When Told 'Say Please' She Will Jump Up And Stand On Her Back Paws Meowing Softly (Only When She's In The Mood) When Told To 'Fetch Your Bowl' She Will Actually Drag It Over To Your Feet (Once Again Only When She Is In The Mood)

I Think That Just About Sums Her Up

Thanks For Reading XD



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